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Apr 28, 2008

TSU legislator to head MAC

Running counter to the pervasive mood of thawing cross-Taiwan relationship following Ma Ying-jeou`s victory in the presidential election, premier-designate Liu Chao-shiuan announced designation of Lai Shin-yuan, former legislator of Taiwan Solidarity Union, as the chairperson of the Mainland Affairs Council when he publicized the list of second-batch Cabinet members this morning.

Lai`s appointment is interpreted as an attempt of Ma to put a brake on the cross-Strait relationship, while appeasing the demand of the political green camp to uphold the sovereignty when dealing with China.

... Her appointment was widely believed to be out of the recommendation of former President Lee Teng-hui.
I think that analysis goes a little far in suggesting Ma is putting any breaks on the cross-Strait relationship, nor do I think this will appeal the pan-green camp much, but I don't know enough about Lai myself to say where she stands on those issues. The TSU was basically mish-mash of the most hardcore greens and the most pro-Lee blues, plus some opportunists, and I'm not sure which faction she's from.


Tim Maddog said...

Lai is a former TSU legislator, and she's from the "redshirt" faction.

Go see my comment on Michael Turton's related post for more details about her redshirt connection, and be sure to check out the video links to Monday night's Talking Show, too. Lai is also in agreement with the "one China, two interpretations" formulation.

What that all adds up to isn't "green" at all.

Tim Maddog

阿牛 said...

Thanks for the details!