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Apr 9, 2008


MOEA approves proposals for US$86.7 million in China investment (ICRT)

Remember, that's a DPP government approving Chinese investment.

Ma turns down drill invitation (Taipei Times)

DPP to allow young party members to vote for chairman (Taipei Times)

The DPP plans to use the incentive to elect the next chairman as a way to bring more young people into the party after their loss. I think it's fundamentally unfair -- either all new members can vote for chairman, or everyone has to wait a year, as the old rule stipulates. Seems fair enough.

Hon Hai Kaohsiung investment plan earns praise (CNA via Taiwan News)

Deputy Kaohsiung Mayor Chiu Tai-san (邱太三) said yesterday he welcomed the plan by a local tycoon to invest in the port city, while another city official expressed the hope that the move would serve as an incentive to attract downstream manufacturers.

Taiwan Goal founding not illegal, says official (Taiwan News)

That one looked a little fishy to me.

MOEA gives promotion case to prosecutors (China Post)

AmCham examines 2008 presidential election (China Post)

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