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Apr 14, 2008

President Chen: Listen up, Ma!

President Chen is using his last days in the spotlight to try and influence President-elect Ma Ying-jeou's future direction.

He has called on Ma to uphold four principals in negotiations with China: sovereignty, democracy, peacefulness and equality.

Also, this:

Today, President Chen said that for cross-strait relations, China believes in peaceful unification and 'One Country, Two Systems;' The KMT upholds 'One China, two interpretations' and ultimate unification; and the DPP maintains that Taiwan and China are two countries. These are different roads, different principals, different choices, [the President said.] President Chen emphasized that Taiwan is independent from the People's Republic of China, that they are two countries who do not have jurisdiction over each other, and that the Taiwanese people cannot accept 'One Country, Two Systems.'

總統陳水扁今天表示,兩岸關係,中國是和平統一、一國兩制;國民黨是一中各表,終極統一;民進黨則是台灣與中國,一邊一國; 這就是不同的路線、不同的主張、不同的選擇。他並強調,台灣與中華人民共和國是兩個獨立、互不隸屬的兩個國家,台灣人民絕對不能接受一國兩制。
Notice that Ma's 'One China, two interpretations' implies that the two sides of the strait do have common jurisdiction and are just one country.


skiingkow said...

Chen: love him or hate him. But at least you know that he is 100% faithful to the commitment to uphold a free, independent and democratic Taiwan.

The same cannot be said of PandaMa and the KMT. And the fact that Taiwanese still consider the KMT and Ma to be a safe "alternative" to maintain these ideals is still quite mind-boggling to me.

Bobapower said...

I agree. President Chen never wavered from his beliefs. Even if it did anger US, China and some Taiwanese, I respect him for it.