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Apr 30, 2008

Survey results

Global Vision Monthly Global Views,a Taiwanese magazine, just published a survey revealing some interesting results:

60% approve of Ma's performance so far
77% want Chinese tourists to come here
37% approve of Chinese investors buying housing here
45% support "maintain the status quo for now," a five year high for this survey.
8.4% support unification

The article does not mention how many support independence over the status quo or unification. Can't get my hands on the latest issue to check myself.

I think the fears of Chinese investors buying housing is somewhat justified. Speculation control and avoiding foreign control of property are both reasonable issues.

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Tim Maddog said...

The mag's English name is Global Views, and the KNN frequently quotes its surveys, if that tells us anything.

One thing that was rather, er, "special" about their surveys in the runup to the presidential election was that there weren't any undecided respondents.

Tim Maddog