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Apr 23, 2008

Language laws

As we all recall (OK, maybe only me), this bill, which aimed to give official protection to all Taiwanese languages, has been stalled for years now. I translated an early draft sometime in 2003, I think.

Well, the latest incarnation appeared in February of this year, when the Executive Yuan started what will likely be one last try to pass the law.

It's currently passed the first reading and is languishing in the Education and Culture Committee.

If you want to help, contact those members on the committee and encourage them to pass this bill. Fax or phone calls are probably most effective. You'll see the committee is absolutely dominated by blues, so we need strong blue support on this. Focus especially on the chairs (in red) and the most loud and influential legislators on the list (Diana Lee and Hong Hsiao-chu).

 林正二  江義雄
 江玲君  李慶安  林淑芬  洪秀柱  郭素春
 陳亭妃  黃志雄  楊瓊瓔  管碧玲  趙麗雲

In addition, the list of 1,500 proposed standardized characters for Taiwanese (a short list since most words have obvious Mandarin cognates) should be released by the end of this month, according to my last correspondence with the MOE.

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