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Apr 7, 2008

Restoring CKS personality cult

As we all saw over the weekend, President-elect Ma Ying-jeou paid his respects at the tombs of dictators Chiang Kai-shek and Chiang Ching-kuo. I imagine the KMT will re-open the tomb full time soon.

Ma's declaration last week that "Of course the name change of CKS Memorial Hall to Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall" was invalid is one thing. But his party is put the phrasing Dazhong Zhizheng 大中至正 back up -- though the bill would also leave up "Liberty Square."

Again, notice the timing: all of the things that would garner no support are pushed while people are exhausted of politics, Ma's popularity is highest and he is not yet in office.


skiingkow said...

As I mentioned in "A View", I have a very strong sense of foreboding with all that is happening before Ma has even taken office.

And Ma's most recent comments with the CNA left me breathless with the load of obvious crap he spewed out in that Q/A session.

Why does he feel the need to go overboard in trying to sell the Taiwanese this ridiculous "China will change because Taiwan will lead the way" meme when the election is......OVER?!

And then we have him literally standing between the legs of Chiang Kai-Shek. WTF? So much for subtlety.

I'm astonished at how deep Ma is working the politics of identity at present. What is he preparing the Taiwanese citizens for?

阿牛 said...

I agree, especially that Ma is full of crap in thinking Taiwan's democracy will change China just through increased exchanges.

Anonymous said...

The idea of a "CKS personality cult" is absurd. It was wrong of the current administration to change the name first because it is not a government office or anything similar to that, it is a memorial. It would be like one day someone saying, "Thomas Jefferson owned slaves and we don't condone that, so we are going to rename the Jefferson Memorial the People are Equal Memorial." A memorial is in memory of a person or event, not something you can just change because you disagree with the person's viewpoints.

As for Ma Ying Jeou, he is modernizing Taiwan ROC's foreign policy as it needs to be modified before Taiwan ROC has no political clout whatsoever. The world is not going to one day decide, "You know what, let's not listen to the PRC because we don't care what nuclear weapons could do to this world." Be real. Taiwan ROC needs to protect its independent democratic government system and economy before things deteriorate further.