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Apr 1, 2008

Duel Citizenships

In response to pre-election rumors about some legislators illegally holding duel-citizenships (or more accurately, duel-citizens illegally holding legislative office), both the DPP and KMT caucuses brought forward [Ch] bills to have all sitting legislators submit to a citizenship check.

The DPP bill called for a probe by the LY of all legislators within a week; the KMT, after consulting with the NPSU, brought a bill that would check 'public servants' (公職人員) over the course of three months.

KMT Central Policy Committee Executive Director Lin Yi-shih (林益世) warned the legislator to consider the possible precedent set by such an investigation which could result in a string of further LY investigations into public servants conformity with the law, and Lin suggested the legislature ponder this before they end up regretting it.

Lin also pointed out that since the legislature would have no ability to enforce the law even if it found evidence of duel citizens holding seats, legislators should consider how to proceed.

In my opinion, if the legislature still lacks an ethics panel which could deal with this sort of thing on their own, they need one. There's no excuse for legislators to be in open violation of a very serious and basic requirement for office.

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