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Apr 2, 2008


Remember Ma's 663 pledge -- 6 percent economic growth, 3 percent unemployment and 3 percent inflation?

I think he forgot too. Reuters:

"This year, maybe we can get to 5 (percent) or more than 5, but next year, hopefully we can get 6 (percent)," the 57-year-old said.

Ma's estimate is more optimistic than the statistics agency's forecast for 4.32 percent growth this year as a slew of measures to boost government spending and domestic consumption will help lift growth.

What's this "hopefully" stuff? I thought we elect some guy, he punches some buttons or pulls some levers or something, and we get the economic growth we aimed at!

Ma said he will also rely on government spending to increase domestic demand.

"This year, for the whole year, we are actually implementing the budget of the previous government. So we are thinking about making a revised budget proposal," Ma said.
If all else fails, spend more money you don't have.

Also, remember that the 633 policy was quite realistic, and is more or less the status quo anyway. It was just well packaged.

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Bobapower said...

This sums up the campaign promises: