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Apr 30, 2008

Incoming MOE chief speaks his mind

Some interesting remarks.

Education Minister-designate Cheng Jei-cheng (鄭瑞城) said yesterday that the fate of the National Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall will be decided by public opinion after he assumes his post May 20.

Cheng, who was named minister of education by Premier-designate Liu Chao-shiuan (劉兆玄) Monday, made the remarks in response to questions by reporters.

Cheng said he will address the issue right after he takes office, but added that he does not expect a quick resolution and will leave the decisions up to the public.

Does that mean a referendum on the topic? Probably not.

The newly named minister of education, Cheng Jei-cheng (鄭瑞城), said yesterday he was supportive of the central government's current policy of not standardizing textbooks for middle school children, but stressed that he will listen to different opinions.

Cheng's view on textbook policy is contrary to that of Taipei City Government, which had decided and announced last year to standardize textbooks in the city so as to "ease the burden" on middle school students.

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