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Apr 30, 2008

Beijing concerned

Ma's recent statement that he would "bring up the 92 consensus less, and talk more about 'One China, two interpretations'" is likely to confuse Beijing some and could force Ma to raise the 92 consensus more often, at least.

The article linked above quotes an unnamed professor as guessing Beijing fears Ma taking a page from Lee Teng-hui's book and trying to think of relations as "a special state-to-state relationship."

Beijing has still refused to comment at all lately on 'One China, two interpretations.' Just do a google search for 一中各表 on say, You won't find much. I think they're going to try the tactic of only saying '92 consensus,' which they will define as "One China" and which Ma will define as "One China, two interpretations." I'm not sure how well that will work in practice.

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