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Apr 9, 2008

Post-election direction for the blog

Now that the elections are over, I'm going to have to write about something serious here to avoid becoming a blow hard talking head! So I've decided to integrate the following regular features:

+ Daily roundup of last night's Talk Show footage (At least Talking Show and 2100 since someone uploads them every day, though I'll try to include FTV's Boss Talk and the TBS show when possible).

+ Updates of bills introduced in the Legislature. I'll try to keep a close eye on them.

+ The regular digest of breaking headlines in Taiwan and fresh analysis.

+ An improvement in my prose. I often write in a hurry when an article catches my eye. I will try to write at least more carefully, even if it doesn't make my content more interesting.

+ Occasional 'photo of the day' or 'quote of the day' posts. Obviously, the more regular I can do them, the better.

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Haitien said...

Hey 阿牛, just wanted to thank you for running an excellent blog. I really appreciate the effort you've put into news aggregation and analysis, especially considering how painful it can sometimes be to sift through all the crud the local media keeps churning out.