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Apr 18, 2008

Race is shaping up

Update 2: Ok, Tsai has registered. It's looking very much like a three way race. I doubt someone will run in at the last minute and sign up. Half an hour left of registration. Michael You will not be running.

Update: Tsai Ing-wen is said to plan a 3:00 pm registration. It's 3:15 now and still no official written reports, but I hope it's solid and we can get final confirmation on her registration soon.

Liberty Times is reporting Koo Kwan-min and Tsai Ing-wen will both register today (the article says the chances of Tsai registering are 'very very high,' according to unnamed sources in the party). Yeh Chu-lan hasn't tipped her hand yet.

So it could be a three way race between Trong Chai (蔡同榮), a long time legislator, businessman and Independence activist in the US; Koo Kwan-min (辜寬敏), a former presidential adviser to Chen and long time independence activist in Japan; and Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文), the new blood and professional image as opposed to coming from the activist's mold.

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