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Apr 11, 2008

I had a bad feeling about this

Chai Trong-Rong (蔡同榮), a DPP at-large legislator, first president of WUFI, FAPA founder and creator of Formosa TV, has decided he will run for the DPP chairman slot.

He'll run on a seven point platform which looks pretty good to me. His main advantage is coming out early (though not too early) and being a heavyweight. He's also running as a transition candidate, indicating he knows the party has to pass to a new generation of leaders soon.

Chai's a hard worker with experience and plenty of concrete contributions, and in many ways he represents the DPP's founding spirit (he was once black-listed and could only come back and join the party himself in 1990).

But he's just old school. Am I being unfair here?

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