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Mar 28, 2007

Wang to visit China as a bipartisan? Not running for president?

There are reports today that Wang Jin-pyng will be visiting China "in the capacity of the governmental leader most representative of Taiwanese public opinion" (台灣最高民意機關領導人的身分). There is talk that he would sign an understanding with the Chinese Communist Party as a "cross-partisan representative"(率跨黨派立委登陸簽署重大協議). Rumor has it the DPP government has even given him room to negotiate or sign an agreement (可能獲政府公權力授權).

The reports seem to be substantial, since Ma has said he'd be happy to see Wang succeed and KMT Vice Chairman Chiang Ping-kun (江丙坤) has warned not to expect a miracle overnight. Wang seems to be trying to stay quiet.

The PRC's Taiwan Affairs Council has also made a really uncharacteristically fast response, saying Wang would be welcomed to come "at the appropriate time, in the appropriate capacity." They said the visit would be to talk about opening up banking and shipping regulations between the areas, and reiterated China welcomes any politician who accepts the "92 concencus" and opposes Taiwanese independence."


The second report today is that Wang Jin-pyng has said under the table he will not run in the KMT primary and will hold off on deciding to run as an independent until there's more information about Ma's special allowance fund case. Even Beijing is reporting that at People's Daily.

If this is true, I think it shows a real shrewdness; Wang's seeing he'll probably lose a battle within the KMT at this point, and if he "splits the party" he'll probably be left in the cold by the voters; so it seems he's gambling something will go wrong with Ma's case (he'll be guilty), and then an opportunity will present itself for Wang to run as an "independent" with the KMT's full support.

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