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Mar 7, 2007

In Kaohsiung County Dist. 1, DPP may nominate outsider

Since nobody in the DPP wants to run in Kaohsiung Dist. 1 since it's considered a KMT stronghold, the DPP has said they won't rule out findin some outsider to run, just so that the KMT has some trouble.

This would be a good candidate district to run an unsatisfied KMT member who doesn't get nominated to run for a legislative seat. We'll have to see if the DPP can actually find anyone who would present a real challenge, though.

立委選舉/高市第1選區沒人選 綠營不排除徵召 (ETTV)
2007/03/07 00:07 記者廖國雄/高雄報導

民進黨立委黨內提名初選將在本月12到16日受理登記,由於第1選區因至今無人表態參選,市黨部主委張志銘6日表示,黨中央已決定全區提名,將不 排除徵召提名特定人士參選,以免讓泛藍輕騎過關;至於2、3、4選區都有兩人以上辦理登記,張如經協調不成,該三個選區都要辦理初選,含黨員投票及民調。 另第5選區目前僅現任立委郭玟成表態尋求連任。

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