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Mar 20, 2007

Election roundup (03/20)

DPP legislator Gao Jyh-peng (高志鵬) pointed out that Chiang Kai-shek was on a list of 100 tyrants in an English book titled Tyrants. He sarcastically asked why the KMT was defending this sort of guy. The KMT's response was that you couldn't do a "one-sided" discussion of history. True, but I don't think they're helping themselves ...

Ma Ying-jeou has made a few campaign promises as well today. First: an end to the "三不定," which I'd translate as the "Three unstables" of political instability, governmental instability and policy instability. (政治不安定、政府不穩定及政策不確定). He also promised to focus on the economy, not politics. His final promise was to loosen restrictions for mainland investment.

More reports today (and no denials) that A-bian figures a primary is the way to decide the next candidate. Frank Hsieh and Su both said they prefer a negotiated solution though.

The KMT killed the name change from Chunghwa Post to Taiwan Post again today.

Predictably, a good number of those going for at large legislative seats are not thrilled about the decision to decide their fate by primary. But the primary is as democratic of a mechanism as a party can have.

While Wang Jin-pyng has said a Second Republic of China constitution was "one path that could be considered," he denied supporting it. The KMT and blue press went balastic on that plan today and yesterday.

I find the recent complaints that Su Chen-chang is using progess he's made as Premier just as a campaign tool to be an unintentional admission: the Executive Yuan and Su are out there doing something, in sharp contrast to the legislature!

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