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Mar 15, 2007

Wang suggests trading arms for CEC

Wang Jin-pyng has suggested that the DPP and TSU consider passing the arms procurement bill at the same time as the KMT-PFP plan to re-constitute the Central Election Commission, allowing the parties to nominate CEC people based on their share of the legislature (i.e., gaurentee a KMT friendly Central Election Commission).

For some time, the KMT has shown signs of interest in the arms procurement bill but seems to have been held back for fear that the PFP (which hates the arms package) would vote with the DPP on the party assets bill (which would ask for the KMT to return or compensate the government for inappropriately acquired property).

The PFP is infuriated at the suggestion and says they don't like this idea of trading bill passage.

On my end, I'd suggest the DPP seriously consider some way to further discussion with Wang about this, but at the same time, the CEC is doing a great job already. They did a great job with redistricting. And I'm afraid a CEC constituted like this would be exactly like the NCC.

If you recall, the KMT wanted the National Communications Commission reconstituted on party lines. It's the only NCC of it's kind in the world who's members are nominated using a party ratio, which would seem to do nothing for really protecting/effectively regulating the press, and the Constitutional Court already ruled it unconstitutional. They also gave the legislature two years to pass a new law replacing it, but the KMT has no interest in such legislation and wants to ride out the two years. They seem to be trying to do the same thing with this CEC.

So while I like the idea of the legislature finally getting around to doing some horse trading, I'd much rather see the bill from the KMT side be something that wasn't a naked unconstitutional power grab.

To be fair though, the KMT understands they'll certainly win a legislative majority for at least one, probably two elections. That means regardless of what happens in the '08 Prez. election or before, they can get 4-8 years of control over what used to be Executive Yuan institutions if this sort of legislation continues to pass.

I wish there was more respect for the idea of putting up professional, independent institutions and not allowing things like a CEC to be whipped around by political winds.


Raj said...

It would be a lot easier if the KMT got the DPP to drop the assets bill for the arms bill. As you said, the problem with the CEC proposals is that it's just an accident waiting to happen.

Raj said...

阿牛, can you do me a favour and translate exactly what it was Wang said he'd give over the arms budget? There are several different parts to it, and I'm not clear on what would pass and what would not.

阿牛 said...

What I got out of the article I read here was that when the DPP made the suggestion, the KMT responded saying it was possible and they'd have to talk to the PFP.

The last reports on the topic were from Mar. 15, so apparently this proposal went into hibrination mode for the weekend. Guess everyone's considering it.

Also Raj, you Gujarati? The only other guy I knew named Raj was, though I'm not sure how localized the name is.

Raj said...

Nope, I'm just me. :)