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Mar 5, 2007

Election roundup (03/05)

Okay. Here's the roundup for the day.

  • The DPP will allow people interested in running for legislative seats to say what seat they want in 46 districts first. The party will still decide the 27 more difficult districts through it's five-man committee, and must consider TSU strength in places like Danshui or Keelung. Those districts that will be decided by the committee include some in Taoyuan, Nantou, Changhua, and Taichung.
  • DPP whip Ker Chien-ming has also announced he will run as an at-large member, not for a particular seat, and Cheng Hung-huei will run for the Hsinchu city council.
  • China is reacting negatively to the new "Four yesses and one no" policy put out by A-bian yesterday when he said "Taiwan will say yes to independence," "Taiwan will be correctly named, Taiwan will have a new constitution, Taiwan will develop. There is no left-right political axis in Taiwan, just the question of independence or assimilation."
  • Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing has reminded everyone that the "Anti-succession law" is not just for show. The scholars (whichever ones theya re) in Taiwan figure everyone will just understand it is election rhetoric and A-bian can't make good on the promises without KMT support anyway, so they'll be willing to keep the situation contained. A-bian's guys are sticking to the guns, insisting Taiwan and China do not overlap. The KMT is getting ready to shoot themselves over the issue.
  • Wang Jin-pyng has not ruled out running independently, and some of this guys hinted it was a possibility today. There are all kinds of rumors about how Wang, Ma and Lien are all interacting, but I'm only interested in seeing what actually happens.

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