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Mar 23, 2007

Not a big news day yet

For the most part, the news today is fake issues and rumor mongering.

There's lots of trash flying around about Chiu Yi planning to run as a legislator next term (even though the CEC said he doesn't qualify). The KMT is supporting him as well as his bid for a "special appeal."

To clarify, the CEC now seems to be unsure if Chiu Yi can run or not now!

Perhaps the KMT wants to control the CEC not only to slow down or block a referendum on the party assets issue, but also to make sure their guys can run for election even when not qualified and to ensure a more KMT-favorable outcome in the event of another close finish in 2008.

You can see a little of the video about 45 seconds into this clip of him on top of the truck which is ramming into a police barrier. It's not on this clip, but he also was leading the crowd in a countdown for one of those rams. Several police officers were injured in this riot which was insisting on (an illegal) recount of the votes after the KMT-PFP lost the 2004 election.

I hate to imagine what he would have done with any ballots he got his hands on if he had actually got through. Who knows how that would have affected any recount controversy.