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Mar 17, 2007

DPP pushes party assets referendum

This should more or less destroy any chance of the KMT trading something to pass the arms bill.

The DPP began collecting signatures at the Chiayi train station today in its effort to get a referendum on the KMT party assets going for the next election. Even a TSU city councilor in Chiayi came to sign when he heard about the news. Expect to hear complaints on the evening news about this from the KMT. They will go something to the effect of "the DPP just wants to kill off the KMT, they're stirring ethnic hatred and they're too corrupt that bringing this up is shameless. Besides, the KMT is already taking care of this!"

If you're a legal Taiwanese voter who wants to sign the petition, go to this site. I also strongly recommend viewing the facts at this site and, just for laughs, the KMT's position.

公投討黨產 蔡同榮發起連署 (民視)


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