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Mar 8, 2007

KMT chairmanship election

Two candidates have declared their interest in the KMT chairmanship election. The first is current acting chairman Wu Po-hsiung (吳伯雄), which is not a surprise. But the second registered candidate came as a real shock. Hong Hsiu-chu (洪秀柱), the "iron lady" of Taiwan, saying she was a "new candidate, with new thinking and new hope."

Hong had planned on running in Yunghe District of Taipei county. She no longer has any such plans in mind. However, she did *not* rule out running for an at large legislative seat, only for a districted seat. She ruled out running for any legislative seat at all.

My favorite memory of Hong is her hitting a police officer during the Depose A-bian rallies. And not getting into any trouble. Twice (well, really two police officers). Good game, Hong! Because protecting Ma Ying-jeou, attacking police officers and being an overall jerk are the kind of "new thinking" and "new hope" that Taiwan needs.

There's an editorial that mentions her from the Taipei Times here.

Update: check the comments for a great link to a story about Hong training her dog to bite when it heard "A-bian," and how the dog bit the reporter covering the story!

國民黨主席補選/爆冷門!「鐵娘子」洪秀柱摃上吳伯雄 (ETTV)



Jason said...

Aww, maaaaaan! A KMT under Hong would be the greatest thing since 美而美's 總匯三明治... Remember when she taught her dog to attack when she said the words "A-Bian" and she (the dog) ended up biting a cub reporter?

Let's see her fight Diane Lee for the chairmanship in a mud-wrasslin' match, I say.

Michael Turton said...

ROFL. Beat me to it.

Thanks for all the great reporting, man. We're off to Keelung to geocache, eat seafood, and then go to some lame-ass music bar in exciting downtown Keelung on Saturday night to drink overpriced whiskey and listen to rockers who don't rock. Welcome to join us...drop me a line (turtonm AT


阿牛 said...

Yeah, I'd like to see Hong win just to watch the KMT continue its inexplicable suicide run.

I wasn't aware of her training her dog like that though. That's a great one.