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Mar 1, 2007

DPP leg. caucus reacts to special affairs fund rumors

Due to recent (tabloid) reports that Annette Lu and Su Chen-chang are likely to be charged for inappropriate use of their own special affairs fund, the DPP legislative caucus is reminding potential DPP presidential candidates that they should carefully take care of the problem themselves and not screw over the party.

The DPP would also be in bad shape if the person who won the nomination ended up being unelectable over something like this, just as Wang Jin-pyng has reminded the KMT to consider what would happen if Ma Ying-jeou was nominated but then inelligible to be elected.

At least someone on the DPP side is likely to be charged for misuse of this fund, btw. That's why they've been so quiet about Ma Ying-jeou's problems and have left it to the legislators to berate him.

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