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Mar 5, 2007

Four yesses and one no, part I

In answer to the KMT's question about what happened to the "five nos..."

總統提四要一沒有 國民黨:四不一沒有呢?

Presidential Secretary Mark Chen is saying that A-bian's new "four yesses and one no" speech is about China threat to Taiwan's soverignty, has nothing to do with the "four nos" promises, and does not go against the DPP's charter. An assistant secretary added that "Name rectification has nothing to do with changing the national moniker, and seeking independence is not declaring independence."

Now that sounds like some doublethink. But it reinforces that these are election slogans, and not plans to immediately make China think it's fight a war or let Taiwan go.

Update: The foriegn ministry has said they don't know anything about A-bian supporting these principles and said they have no intention of changing the status quo.

總統談話未牴觸四不 也沒有違背民進黨綱

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