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Mar 1, 2007

Lin Yi-hsiung (林義雄)

Feb. 28th was also the 27th anniversary of the cold-blodded killing of former DPP chairman Lin Yi-Hsiung's (林義雄) wife and two daughters with a knife while he was in prison for his role in the Formosa incident. And while his house was under constant police "surveillance."

It is obviously a KMT hit, but there's no evidence to prove that for sure (naturally).

What is most interesting to me though? I have a source who claims Lin is going to run in '08 as an independent. He insists this is the case and even bet me on it. He tells me he knows a person who has been to at least one of three "exploratory meetings" Lin has privately held to consider the run. None of this is confirmable though.

I think a Lin run would be scary for the DPP and KMT both, as he's an almost unassailable candidate (my source likes to refer to him as a "saint"). The question is, does he still have enough pull with the population at large to really win? And if not, wouldn't he just be assuring a DPP loss?

林宅血案27週年 林義雄辦追思禮拜



Michael Turton said...

Yeah, remember when Shih Ming-te was a saint too? He got 1% of the vote in the Kaohsiung mayoral election and couldn't make the legislature from Taipei. Bottom line: without the party infrastructure to support you, you are Saint Has-been.


阿牛 said...

I also don't think he'll run and mostly doubt he could win at this point. Pary infrastructure is key.