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Mar 13, 2007

Musings on Wang

Over at The View from Taiwan, Michael quotes a recent Wang Jin-pyng statement that caught my eye:

Wang said that a Ma-Wang ticket would not be a threat to the DPP because the DPP has prepared itself for beating Ma in next year's presidential election. "

Only a presidential ticket led by a pro-localization candidate can help the KMT win the election," Wang said, without elaborating.
I think that's one of the first times Wang has specifically pointed to himself as part of the pro-localization faction (本土派). In the past, I think he has avoided taking the label. But this is very good news in my mind, as it confirms what I've always hoped, which is that Wang = Lee Teng-hui II, and he's preparing to make something happen.

I even found a quotation from an interview in the past where Wang denies being part of the pro-localization faction:

 王:由於我是台灣土生土長的政治人物,所以就被人稱作「本土派」,其實我是「全民派」。台灣人民都 是我服務跟奉獻的對象,也是我要爭取的對象,我從來沒有認為「本土」與否。「本土」與否是別人的看法。我在立法院所做的工作是「全國性」、全面性的。我是 不分族群、階層的,所以我是「全民派」不是「本土派」。

I think the most Wang-friendly and likely scenario goes something like this: Ma runs for president, Wang waits it out; Ma looses the race, Wang becomes default KMT leader; Wang takes localization reform steps after the election in the name of putting the KMT in a position to win.

On the other hand, Wang could get squeezed out if he doesn't go for the KMT chairmanship, or if he is so tough on running that he doesn't even take a VP slot.

If I were him, I'd bet on one more KMT loss in 2008 and take the reigns from there.


Michael Turton said...


Wang will be almost 70 in 2012. He must be betting that he'll live as long as Lee, and with his brains in fighting trim too. I agree that Wang is waiting, but I think he is waiting for the stench of political decay now gathering around Ma to become unmistakable. Then he'll make his move, and beat the dead Horse, probably in the fall so he's six months ahead of the election. And then the question will become: how does Wang maneuver to get the nod over Lien Chan? Because Wang won't accept a Lien-Wang ticket either.

I don't think he needs the Chairmanship. Even a pro-Ma chair is going to be hemmed in by Lien Chan, and Wang already has enough of a position as Speaker. I think the Chairman's position is a hot seat that offers endless possibilities for fuckups, since the Chairman of the KMT must comment on Absolutely Everything, thanks to Taiwan's Golden Retriever Media (completely stupid, always enthusiastic, and chases after anything).

And brooding on high, Soong watches.

Great set of posts on your blog, incredibly informative. You blow my mind.


阿牛 said...

Mmm some very good points.

Glad you're enjoying the posts!

Raj said...

When's the KMT Presidential nomination have to be in by? Because I guess it will be too late for Wang to wait until Ma is convicted.

Oh, sorry - if - he is convicted.

阿牛 said...

I can't tell when the primary is, since there seems to have been some changes in the plans that were first set in January, which would have dictated that primary registration be finished by March 12th (nobody has registered yet).

It should probably be held by June in any case.