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Mar 17, 2007

DPP at large registrees

Here are candidates that registered to run in at large seats and gender (half of the nominees must be female according to law):

薛凌 F
沈富雄 M
翁金珠 F
王幸男 M
許榮淑 F
羅文嘉 M
田秋堇 F
余政道 M
張秀珍 F
邱議瑩 F
游盈隆 M
蔡煌瑯 M
陳茂男 M
高志鵬 M
洪奇昌 M
周清玉 F
周平德 M
涂醒哲 M
范巽綠 F
張富美 F

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