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Mar 19, 2007

More of this pua̍h-pue business

Green political commentator Wang Ben-hu (汪笨湖) has suggested that Kaohsiung County-2 be decided by pua̍h-pue (擲筊) or casting the devination apple halves. The legislative nominees were not pleased with the suggestion.

This is already the third time I've heard this proposal this election season. The first time was when Miaoli Farmer's Association Chief Officer 苗栗縣農會總幹事 Li Yi-ting (李乙廷) and current Nanzhu Township Warden 南竹鎮長 Kang Shi-ru (康世儒) actually used this method to decide which of them would run in Miaoli-1. Li Yi-ting won.

The second time was when Chen Shui-bian, when at a temple with Annette Lu, reportedly suggested at a temple one day that she pua̍h-pue herself to determine if she would run. This is the third time.

Does anyone else find this really odd??? Even somewhat disturbing in a democracy?


Jason said...

No more strange than a dry drunk admitting that God told him to run for president.

Also remember that a throw of the 擲筊 is by no means a final arbiter of fate... you have multiple tries to throw them asking the same question. If the blocks don't cooperate you can ask the question in another way until the god in question agrees.

Playing the religion card is as Taiwanese as A-mah and taro pie; it lends an air of legitimacy to any campaign ("Look, god's on my side!") and for the temple that Popular Candidate X prayed at to receive their answer, it's good business.

Michael Turton said...

Don't worry, if that fails, they can consult a feng-shui master.

My friend Clyde Warden -- someday all of us will have to get plastered together -- has often opined how tightly politics in taiwan is tied to ideas of the malleability of fate in Chinese culture.


阿牛 said...

Good comments from both of you guys. It reminds me that A-bian did also say God protected him after 3-19, and how important those temple visits are for politicians year round.