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Mar 7, 2007

"blue/green-excluding" opinion polls

The DPP and KMT are both planning on conducting opinion polls as part of the process of nominating legislators, and the DPP is also going to do one for picking a presidential nominee. And some people are suggesting that the opinion poll should only pool from loyal green or blue voters (depending on your team).

Presidential hopeful Frank Hsieh (謝長廷) has said that he favors a "blue-excluding" poll for the legislative seats, but not for the presidential election. He also tried to express his calm and said he'll just look at everything in a normal light.

It looks like the DPP is leaning toward using blue-excluding polls for both elections. I don't see the point of this exercise. It would seem to be the kind of thing that would strengthen the hand of the hard-liners and weaken the standings of the moderates, which is exactly the opposite of what you need to win the election overall.

The decision should be made by tomorrow. And remember, next week Mon-Fri is the registration for the DPP legislative seats. So a lot will be happening then.

排藍民調領先 謝長廷:以平常心看待


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