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Mar 5, 2007

Four yesses and one no, part II

1. An Assistant Secretary to the presidential office said that A-bian's "four yesses and one no" policy is a response to the constant escalation of the Chinese threats to Taiwan, and that the government has a responsibility to respond; as far as some people reading it as an election-related move, he stressed that national policy has it's own development and continuity, that the president picked an appropriate time and place to make the statement, and that it should not be misread as an election motivated move.

I don't buy it ;) But I also think A-bian's going somewhere with this other than just an election. But it's obvious that there's no way A-bian's proposals can get legislative approval, and it's also obvious the next legislature will still be blue. So it's a safe idea to promote it, considering it can't actually happen and the greens love it. UPDATE: The Executive Yuan has also said "Taiwan's already has indepdendent soverignty." (行政院:台灣主權已經獨立) That's a lot like Lee Teng-hui's position and A-bian's own previous statements. It also reinforces the idea that this is election rhetoric, and that Taiwan is doing damage control for US and Chinese relations.

2. A-bian's being sued by PFP legislators who believe he is inciting unrest and being treasonous/colluding with a foreign force (內亂、外患罪). The high court will have to deal with that. They threatened to cut funding to the government for pushing a "Republic of Taiwan" agenda. The presidential office has no response, of course.

This has to be one of the stupider lawsuits ever brought in Taiwan. How can you seriously expect anybody to take such a charge seriously? And what "foreign force" would the president be loyal to with these statements, Taiwanese independence? Why are they humiliating themselves like this?

3. DPP chairman Yu Shyi-kun has reaffirmed that he believes the "four yesses and one no" policy fits with the core values of the DPP. This will probably be his major issue when he goes for the DPP nomination, while Frank Hsieh and Su Chen-chang will pick different issues, probably focusing on "getting things done."

4. Lee Teng-hui accused the DPP of being the reason that makign a new constitution and rectifying Taiwan's name is impossible with the last round of constitutional amendments (the amendments set a super high threshold for constitutional reform by referendum).

5. The Chinese are basically saying A-bian's going of the deep end. They're highlighting blue reactions so they don't have to say so much themselves.

6. Ma Ying-jeou is taking a wait and see approach, saying A-bian often "forgets what he said" and that it's best to give this time to see how it goes. That's smart, because when A-bian makes waves he does often just say half of what he's eventually going to say. It's a way to get the opposition to come out and go rabid over some scarecrow, and then move on to the topic your eally want to talk about. For the KMT to not fall into the trap yet is smart of them for once.

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