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May 29, 2008

Wu Po-hsiung's trip

Three themes of the KMT's trip to China:

The Foreigner on Formosa already has a post about KMT chairman Wu Po-hsiung willingly denigrating President Ma Ying-jeou to "Mr. Ma."

Secondly, I already posted on the use of Zhonghua minzu (中華民族) as a sort of way to show ethnic solidarity while avoiding any sovereignty issues. The KMT of course honestly believes we are Chinese People taught it actively to the people on this island for decades, so this isn't entirely surprising. If you check newspaper commentaries and talk shows, everyone's coming to the realization that this will be the substitute phrase used by both sides to avoid disagreement over whether the "92 consensus" is the KMT's "One China, two interpretations" or the CCP's "One China."

And last: Apple Daily had very critical editorials yesterday about Wu Po-hsiung's visit to Sun Yat-sen's grave. Apple nailed him for crying, "Premier Sun, we have won back power," as if Sun Yat-sen is the father of the KMT only and not the ROC (the Apple Daily said, "no wonder the DPP stopped calling him the national father; even the KMT counts him as only their own"). Anyway, Sun is useful for the Chinese since both the KMT and CCP can revere him and he holds their histories together.

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