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May 7, 2008

Morning update

Just to show what a progressive old man he is, Koo Kwan-min asked yesterday if the DPP could really give it's future over to an unmarried woman (Tsai Ing-wen).

Here's the latest on the legal bribe being handed over to township and borough chiefs by the new legislature (hint: it'll cost entirely too much).

Probably most significant today: China's foreign ministry has finally commented on Ma Ying-jeou's "One China, respective interpretations" very indirectly. When asked about Taiwan's interest in increasing its international space, the ministry said that after discussions start, this can be a topic at negotiations, but China firmly opposes any effort to create "two Chinas" or "one China, one Taiwan" in the international sphere.

This is not a direct reply to the 'one China, two interpretations' clause, but it does show China's predictable unwillingness to recognize the Republic of China on Taiwan as a legitimate government.

I think the DPP is going to need to establish early and often that it's stance is firmly set on "One side, one country." Even though it's hard to say how that position will be received next election in four years time, it's a fundamental truth and needs to be the basis of Taiwan's dealings with China.

It would be nice to see more guerrilla advertising/propagranda around. I think spray-painted slogans of "一邊一國" and "歡迎中國人來中華民國" or the like might be good ideas. Of course, that's unlikely to happen.


Tim Maddog said...

Regarding your point about "guerrila advertising," here's something of that nature that I photographed in Kaohsiung last September and something else I photographed here in Taichung last July. Also see my "Taiwan Matters! in Taipei" photoset on Flickr.

I wouldn't mind seeing more stuff like that and fewer chauvinist marks all around.

Tim Maddog

NJ said...

Ma's 'one China, two interpretations' is not "two Chinas" or "one China, one Taiwan"

it's even more surreal as Ma's 'one China, two interpretations' meant that there is only one china and that china is the republic of china, the legitimate govt of chinese mainland and taiwan

The mainland official stance is that there is only one china, taiwan belong to that china. They stopped short of saying that people republic of china is that china.