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May 5, 2008

Ma and Hu on the same page?

China Review News, a -fringe and seemingly Chinese-connected news source (I'm not sure they have much of a presence off-line), reports that Ma Ying-jeou made statements supporting Hu Jin-tao's 16 character vision for cross-strait relations at a private banquet on Saturday night (reported on here).

People's Daily is carrying a piece on the report; mainstream Taiwanese media is ignoring it.

Update; Eric Pickett notes in comments that the Taipei Times is reporting the same thing, in part based on a CNA story.

“Hu’s remarks will serve as an important guide in turning a new page in the development of cross-strait relations,” Ma said during a conversation with a group of retired military commanders at an evening gathering, according to a news release issued by Ma’s campaign office around 1am yesterday.

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Eric Pickett said...

It's in today's Taipei Times.