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May 29, 2008

One down, four to go ...

vote buyers, that is.

ICRT -- The Miao-li District Court has annulled the election KMT lawmaker Lu Yi-jin following charges of vote-buying.

Lu - who was elected in the January 12-th legislative elections - can appeal the ruling, but the KMT official has said that the party respects the court's ruling.

Prosecutors indicted Lu and two members of his campaign staff soon after the legislative elections ... and are seeking jail sentences of two years and a fines of 2 million NT dollars for each of the three men.

According to the prosecutors .. Lu made 16 visits to temples in Yuan-li and
Chun-an -- two of the eight townships in one of Miaoli's County's two
constituencies -- between June and October last year.

During this time prosecutors say that he made donations and solicited
support, via his campaign aides, for his election bid. Suspicion fell on Lu
after it came to light that he had never before made donations to the temples
and had only visited them during his election campaign.

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