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May 22, 2008

China outlines plan on Cross-strait relations

Read the People's Daily story here. The speech is by Chen Yunlin (陈云林), the head of the Taiwan Affairs Office and the Chinese Communist Party's Taiwan Work Office. This is the transcription. An important cross reference is Michael Turton's post on Ma's speech.

A lot to analyze, and I can't do it yet. Might print it out and bring it home though. In any case, here are some interesting facts:

  • "Unification" appears only once; Hu's 16 character phrase appears once (earlier analyzed here) -- "Establish mutual trust, seek common ground while reserving differences, set aside disputes, and create a win-win situation" (建立互信、求同存异、搁置争议、共创双赢). There is a prominent reference to establishing direct flights.
  • "Peace" appears 14 times; "'Taiwan Independence'" appears five times, twice denounced and then in reference to welcoming former TI supporters to abandon their position and enter into their own dialogue with China.
  • There are five references to the "Zhonghua Minzu" (中华民族), the imaginary Chinese race consisting of Han people and, oh yeah, all those other ethnic groups that should just fall in line with the Han. Ma had a few references like this in his own speech.
  • The "92 consensus" makes one appearance in the speech, and is called the basis for resumption of dialogue; there is an interesting acknowledgment of the Taiwanese people's desire to run their own affairs, and while the Hong Kong model or "one country, two systems" is not specified, the wording is strikingly similar to that used for Hong Kong (当家作主的愿望). Still, the statement appears to be conciliatory.
  • Chen Yinlin mentioned an interesting "anti-splittest" goal: to protect national sovereignty and territorial integrity (维护国家主权和领土完整). There goes any hope of getting China to admit to or ignore Taiwanese claims to sovereignty as the ROC. Thankfully for them, Ma didn't make that a theme of his inauguration speech.
  • Ma, the KMT and the election are not directly referenced.

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