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May 22, 2008

KMT fattening up

As my wife said, "This is shameless to the extreme. #@%! the KMT." Original Liberty Times story from yesterday plus my rough translation.

政黨法修正 藍馬上自肥

〔記者陳詩婷、施曉光、彭顯鈞/台北 報導〕新總統馬英九甫走馬上任,國民黨團即提出有自肥之嫌的「政黨法修正草案」,增訂「政黨政策研究補助金條款」,明定最近一次立委選舉得票率達五%以上 的政黨,可獲每年每票新台幣廿五元的政策研究補助金,若修法通過,未來四年國庫將因此多失血近九億元。

With Ma Ying-jeou's new presidential term now underway, the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) legislative caucus has raised what appears to be a pork barrel amendment to the Political Parties Organic Law, adding an article called the "Political Parties Policy Research Subsidy Article," which would clearly state that any part that won more than 5% of the vote during the last legislative election would be entitled to an annual subsidy of [NT$50 (I checked the law)] per vote received. If the law passes, it will deplete NT$900 million from the national coffers over the next four years.

By the way, consider the added benefit that since this law gives the DPP a good amount of money too, it will be tough for them to all-out oppose this legislation.

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