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May 14, 2008

Tsai Ing-wen hits back

After Koo Kuang-ming and Chai Trong-rong's attack on Tsai for her supposed lack of commitment to the DPP's core principles, Tsai is hitting back, noting that she has never relented on the principal of Taiwanese sovereignty; that virtually all members of the party have basically the same degree of commitment to those principals; that the question at hand is who has the ability to actually safeguard those principals and help the party; and finally that the DPP has to choose between opening it's doors and getting wider support, or keeping the doors shut and engaging in cyclical infighting.

Update: you'll find an especially insightful comment from Feiren below.


Feiren said...

I think this is an important and often misunderstood point. Everyone I know in the DPP is committed to defending Taiwanese sovereignty and achieving de jure independence. The disagreement is not over the objectives, it is over how to reach them.

This is often misunderstood outside of the DPP--especially in the foreign media. Part of the problem is the pro-blue media. One of their standard tropes is identifying supposedly 'moderate' DPP figures like Tsai and then urging them to return to the DPP's core values to 'save' the DPP.

This is of course simply coded language urging Tsai or Hsieh to abandon the independence plank in favor of warm fuzzy neo-left values that will leave the DPP safely marginalized in the space now occupied by big time winners like the TSU and the Green Party. That way the Unholy Alliance between big business and Chinese nationalism (AKA the KMT) can get on with its business without having to compete in future elections.

The China Times, for example, is referring to Tsai as the 'White Rose' of the DPP these days.

ac_droppout said...

Tsai has moved off the moderate DPP position and has been played by Chen Shui Bian in recent days to become another TI nutty mouth piece.

The DPP is moving pandering to the extreme TI factions within the DPP is only isolating themselves from the moderates in Taiwan.

It will be many election cycles before the DPP will gain the trust of the people in Taiwan

阿牛 said...

Thanks for backreading posts, AC!