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May 30, 2008

Feeble Green response to Ma's blitz

The DPP legislative caucus has been unleashing a blitz of attacks upon Ma -- but the attacks look feeble for the following reasons:

On the economic front, the DPP caucus is focusing entirely on inflationary pressures and attacking a one week-old administration for doing what the DPP did as the Executive. I think the entire approach is idiotic.

The DPP instead had a chance to rise above this petty mud slinging, focus on international market pressures as the driver of price increases, demonstrate the double standard of the KMT on that issue, and suggest some innovative (but frugal) ways to combat the problem. Focus could then have been redirected to government spending, where the DPP could have taken much more substantial positions.

On the cross-strait front, only Tsai Ing-wen sounds reasonable by suggesting caution and expressing some anxiety without going overboard. So far, Ma has done little but what his election mandated, namely prepare to arrange for direct flights and tourists; and people knew it would take certain compromises in statements to get there, and no Ma moves have gone too far by the average Taiwanese's standard. So the "wait and see" attitude is most prudent. And I'm saying this as someone who has pointed out many disturbing trends in Ma and the KMT's rhetoric.

Meanwhile, the DPP legislative caucus is just going ballistic, talking about 'selling out' Taiwan and all that business which, while not a fantasy, hasn't happened yet. Instead the caucus should focus on enshrining several principals into law, including that only the Taiwanese people have the right to decide Taiwan's future through referendum (perhaps work with Yan Ching-piao on getting this one out of committee and to a vote, where the KMT would have little choice but to support it).

Attacking the party-to-party negotiations between the KMT and CCP is reasonable but should focus on just how closely the two parties have been working together these last couple years -- how else could Ma's seemingly arbitrary dates for meeting goals in cross-strait relations appear to be right on schedule?

And hey, DPP, how about putting the agenda of various social groups on the legislative table instead of just talking about strengthening relations with them?

In summary, I've found the DPP shrill lately, which demoralizes me even further -- not easy to do considering Ma's election! The only bright light is Tsai Ing-wen, who has been rational as can be.

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Daphne said...

Agreed. All too often the DPP legislators are having a knee-jerk reaction just for the sake of having any reaction. I'm afraid we'll be seeing much more of this for the next 4 years...