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Mar 19, 2008

What's on voters minds?

Note of caution: As Maddog pointed out in comments, this survey is not sourced, and it's also an online survey. So take any data here with a grain of salt. It also would almost necessarily represent a younger demographic.

Office workers who responded to the survey registered an average score of 58.84,
which indicated a low level of concern about the elections, the survey shows.

What do they mean by concern, I wonder? Interest? Or worry?

In a multiple-choice selection of the issues with which they were most concerned, 86.52 percent of the respondents identified economic issues, while 77.38 percent stated employment concerns. The survey also shows that 37.1 percent of those polled were mostly concerned with the cross-strait policies proposed by the two presidential candidates. ...

Meanwhile, 10.13 percent of the office workers interviewed said that they
would not vote
in the polls.
Of those who said they would vote, 67.59 percent said they will make their decisions based on the past behavior and performance of the candidates, 48.11 percent said they will take into consideration the candidates' platforms, 36.2 percent said they will focus on the performance of the candidates and the parties, and 27.6 percent indicated that they will vote based on their party affiliation.
The survey also found that 24.24 percent of the respondents saw their companies as favoring a specific political party, with 33. 92 percent saying that their companies or supervisors had tried to persuade them to support a certain candidate.

That's looking like high turnout, the prominence of the economy, real focus on performance (which could be good for Hsieh, but would have been better if he focused on it more), and a lot of coercion by bosses.

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Tim Maddog said...

Did the Taiwan News even name the source of that survey? I didn't see it in the original article, but its possible that overlooked it.

Somebody tell me if you see the source.

Tim Maddog