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Mar 28, 2008

Round up

Underground radio calls for siege

Some underground green radio station in the South is calling for a siege of the Presidential Palace on May 20th, apparently to prevent Ma Ying-jeou from entering the place. A DPP legislator from Kaohsiung said he has not heard about this and doesn't support the movement.

The report is fuzzy, probably based on somebody's blog post, and includes no radio station name. I listen to underground radio here in Kaohsiung and haven't heard this yet. I don't doubt the report is true, actually. I just wish I knew which station is making the call!

Chen calls '92 consensus pre-condition "strange"

No surprise there, so I'll leave it alone. Plus I already posted on this topic today. Trong R. Chai (蔡同榮) also asked for DPP representation at any future talks between Taiwan and China. I imagine that will be roundly ignored.

Legislators' first scandal brewing

It appears that twelve current and former legislators, almost certainly all KMT, are somehow involved with a secret account connected to Wang You-theng (王又曾). More on that later.

Sunshine bills up

It's as if KMT held the country for ransom in exchange for the presidency, and just got paid off. To demonstrate their gratitude to the people, they will finally start to push their own version of the sunshine bills. The devil is in the details: will the KMT plan prevent conflict of interests in legislative committee assignments (like putting current bankers on the finance committee or recently convicted criminals on the judicial committee -- I'm looking at you, Chiu Yi (邱毅))? What exactly will the bills change? Keep your eyes open.

First clips of last night's Talking Show, which opens by noting that Hsieh lost huge with women, and if the DPP had evened out this demographic the race would have been a near tie.

And 2100:

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