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Mar 11, 2008

'Taiwan dog' may soon gain recognized breed status

From Taiwan news, via Taiwan Headlines:

The feisty native dog, mostly known by local people as "Taiwan's native dog," may soon gain recognition by the world as a specific breed in its canine category. The local kennel club had applied to the world canine organization Federation Cynoldgique International to have the native dog officially listed. The Kennel Club of Taiwan in 2004 sent the application to the FCI to have the local native dog registered under the name "Taiwan Dog" in the category of primitive hunting dog.

In May 2004 the FIC sent two representatives to Taiwan to carry out an inspection of the dog. In November 2004 the FCI approved the application and initiated a ten-year observation period to make sure the dog displays stable characteristics, which is a necessary requirement for the dog to qualify as a breed. After this monitoring period, as long as the dogs characteristics prove satisfactory, the dog can become a world-recognized breed. The dog should therefore be eligible for breed recognition in 2014. ...

Shih said in the last two decades more and more people in Taiwan began to raise Taiwan native dogs, after realizing its population was decreasing and because it is prized as a unique and pure local breed. So far, around 2,000 Taiwan Dogs have been raised island-wide.

There's always a market for unusual breeds in the US, especially strong and tough ones like the Taiwan dog. I would suggest a business opportunity if the stray situation here weren't already so bad.

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