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Mar 7, 2008

UN resolution

Today, the disgustingly anti-reform KMT-dominated legislature was planning to bring up a bill that will call for Taiwan to (re)enter the UN under some "suitable name." It is meant as a "replacement" for the referendums, but as far as I know the CEC has no authority to cancel the referendums, but could reschedule them. Now that the idea of a compromise is in the air, this bill is on hold to give the parties time to negotiate. Apparently, there's home a joint resolution can be passed next week. I still don't see the political advantage for the KMT in this though, so I wouldn't hold my breath.

Should some compromise be worked out about holding the referendum and election seperately, for which the DPP wants a lower threshold in exchange, the CEC has indicated seven days before the election would be adequate time to make the necessary procedural changes.

Another bill going to the soon would create a mechanism for Taiwanese citizens to cast ballots while abroad, I think through polling stations in foreign countries but perhaps through mail. The green camp promises to keep China out of any such deal, for fear of wide-spread and CCP backed voter fraud.

Update: No compromise today. The green camp insisted any legislative resolution on entering the UN should include support for both the DPP and KMT backed referendums, a condition the blue camp would not accept.

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Raj said...

It is in the KMT's interest to do something because if they win the election but both resolutions fail their foreign policy will be hamstrung.

And they do want to join the UN.