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Mar 21, 2008

Ring of Fire

The KMT thinks the DPP will try to burn down their own headquarters at 9:30 tonight somewhere in the south.

Also, 5 ballots in Kaohsiung County are unaccounted for, so the CEC is trying to rectify that ASAP.


Tim Maddog said...

Sounds like a distraction to me, so the KMT can pull their own dirty tricks elsewhere while the DPP is worrying about fire.

When Wu Poh-hsiung said something about「顛倒是非」 ("wrong is right" or "ass backwards"), he was talking about his own party, right?

Tim Maddog

Jason said...

I see Ma decided to spare us the sight of him running this morning in his short shorts and obnoxious I WENT TO HARVARD AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS CRAPPY T-SHIRT AND NO BAR CERTIFICATION shirt.

Where are the fawning shots of Frank Hsieh attacking the pommel horse something fierce in his gymnastics singlet?

Ugh, my only Chinese language choices in Fairfax County are Phoenix and CCTV. Time to go douse myself with high-grade kaoliang.

Jason said...

Edit: he decided NOT to spare us the sight.

/Goddamn keyboard.

Bobapower said...

LOL, hilarious.

Yeah I'm here in SF and only have KTSF, which mainly pro-china programming. Oh well, I guess that will be my outlet tonight.

Haitien said...

I spent the entire morning listening to the latest pan-blue conspiracy theories and POVs, courtesy of my folks. Apparently:

- The US sent an expert marksman to shoot Chen Shui-bian in 2004 as a warning, and are evil for not telling us so. (This apparently the latest version after "Chen shot himself")

- Americans won't the two sides of the strait to forever be at each other's throats (Apparently all those State Department press conferences accusing Taipei of "provocation" never happened)

- China was forced to defend herself from evil Tibetan separatists led by the "Dali clique". (When I told them the Dali Lama only seeks autonomy these days, the subject was changed to the wonderful new highways in Shanghai).

- The DPP is totally corrupt and is the worst government ever.

- Taiwan Garrison Command only arrested criminals.

- Taiwan today is too free. We need to be more like Singapore.

- The economy is in the shitter. Taiwan won't be able to take another four years of government inaction. (Never mind the KMT dominated LY has been stonewalling everything without discussion)

- Disgruntled DPP supporters are waiting to riot at any minute.

Ugh. Not looking forward to the family reunion tonight... word has gotten out to the clan that I voted in the referendum.