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Mar 24, 2008

Post-election opinion polls

Disclaimer: Polls from these very blue sources are notoriously inaccurate.

UDN says 49% blame Chen Shui-bian for the DPP loss. Most of the other questions were stupid.

China Times says 79% are happy about Ma's victory (how does THAT work?) and 66% want the economy to be the top priority. The choices on "top priorities" listed in the article seemed pretty rigged to me.

Liberty Times leads with news that Ma accepts the 92 consensus of the "One China, two interpretations." It remains to be seen if Beijing can really accept the "two interpretations" part or "mutual non-denial." The opening paragraph is pretty funny.


Tim Maddog said...

The link you have for the China Times article is identical to the UDN one. I'd like to see that shit if you can fix the link.

I've previously accused the China Post of being "Logically, linguistically, and geographically challenged," but I think their "mother(land) paper" can now also be described as "mathematically challenged."

No math, no president! ;-)

Tim Maddog

Raj said...

79% are happy about Ma's victory (how does THAT work?)

It works if enough people that voted for Hsieh don't mind that Ma won - i.e. that they were voting for Hsieh as the best candidate, rather than against Ma.

阿牛 said...

Fixed Tim, thanks!

David said...

Sorry, I accidentally deleted the comment you left on my blog. It went in to the spam filter and I accidentally hit "delete" instead of "de-spam".

Tim Maddog said...

阿牛, thanks for the fix.

BTW, the word "happy" doesn't mean what Raj thinks it means. ;-)

Tim Maddog

Raj said...

Tim, I was offering a possible explanation - "happy" means different things to different people.