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May 10, 2007

Variables in PFP-KMT cooperation; DPP nominations

Just to your refresh your memory:

  • The PFP demanded the KMT hand them seven seats for the next legislative election.
  • The KMT offered four, then five seats including Kaohsiung City-1, Hualien, and Taipei County-2, -4 and -7. The PFP expressed satisfaction (there was some confusing statements about Taichung City-3).
  • The PFP nominated people in twelve districts, saying they'd work with the KMT on any remaining conflicts.
So yesterday, the KMT central committee approved only four of those seats. They said they wanted to run another public opinion poll before finalizing Taipei County-2 and for Taichung City-3. The PFP seemed only marginally upset, and made weak calls for sincerity from the KMT and promised to protect PFP comrades. We'll see what happens in the end.

Meanwhile, DPP legislators decided not to run in five districts which had previously been contested by two potential DPP candidates. That means the DPP won't have to run opinion polls in these districts. All to have been a response to rather decisive margins in the party primary phase of the nominations (though in one case the difference was only five percent). Those districts and the remaining candiates are: Taipei County-7 (莊碩漢) and -12 (陳朝龍); Taoyuan County-2 (郭榮宗); Changhua County-3 (林重謨); and Tainan County-1 (葉宜津).

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