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May 8, 2007

Legislative Districts Map

If you love maps and/or legislative districts, be sure to check out my new Google map on the Districts for the 7th Legislative Yuan 第七屆立法院選舉

So far it is still a work in progress, but here's what I provide:

  • English and Chinese district names (Taichung County-4 台中縣 第四選區)
  • Names of officially nominated candidates (color coded by party)
  • In some districts from the center of the country, the way the vote would have broken down last legislative election if the district had been drawn in the current shape.
  • The strict definition of what areas are in the district (villages, cities, or city districts)
  • A color coded balloon to indicate which way the district leans (blue, green, or aqua for "too close to to call" (districts which I haven't looked at closely enough yet are aqua balloons with black dots).
So far the shortcomings of the map are:
  • I couldn't draw the district shapes. OK, well I could have, but that would have taken forever. This is good enough.
  • Candidate names are characters only for now, no romanization.
  • some areas in Taipei that should be labeled as 里 are labeled 裡 instead. That's the fault of a Google version of some PDF I was cutting and pasting information from, and I didn't want to correct it myself (yet).
  • I don't have any KMT candidates listed yet because I haven't been able to get my hands on a complete nomination list.
  • I lack hard data on how most of Taipei County, Tainan and Kaohsiung lean (by district, that is), but this should be fixed in due time as the election approaches and more analysis and polls come out. The good thing is I have data for all other areas.
  • I originally made some omissions when numbering the districts, so a few places (sorry Taichung County-5!) are at the bottom of the list instead of with the other districts in the same county/city.
I invite everyone to take a look and give their suggestions. If you want, you can even have the KML data that would allow you to update/modify information on the map yourself. Just ask or use the KML button in Google maps.


Jason said...

You, my friend, are a f**king animal. Great idea!
Perhaps it would be easier to create distrrict borders using layers in Google Earth?

But anyway, right on.

阿牛 said...

I knew you'd like it. I'm very excited about how useful it will be once I have more complete data in there.