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Oct 17, 2012

Prediction: Hsieh stays, his policy goes

After Frank Hsieh's recent visit to China, you have seen a lot of discussion in the Green Media dissecting what his trip was aimed at, what his personal intentions are, whether or not it signals a change in DPP policy, etc.

I feel like Su and Tsai treated Hsieh's trip as a trial balloon, wishing him well, saying it showed DPP confidence and putting the ol' "One China Constitution" line out there again for consideration. Floating the idea like this is not a very high cost option, after all.

I think the backlash, while coming from the predictable quarters of the party, will still likely be adequate to keep the DPP from seriously considering any formal change in stance for at least one more election cycle. Hsieh won't suffer personally, but it's doubtful he will be at the head of any transformation here, at least for now.

It goes without saying that any shift in the party stance would still respect the party's Resolution on Taiwan's Future and continue to enshrine the idea that Taiwan is not part of the PRC. But other issues might get a little... fuzzier.