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May 7, 2007

Primary Results: In Depth

As I wrote before, Frank Hsieh won the primary. Today there is a joint news conference by all the candidates to express their solidarity behind Hsieh. Su Chen-chang put an ad on page A5 of the Liberty Times to thank his supporters and call for solidarity.

Remember, they could have dragged this out and forced another round of opinion polls before having a final candidate, but thankfully the candidates all saw the writing on the wall and decided to cut the crap. Though the DPP still must hold the opinion poll and spend the money for it, thanks to party regulations.

The final vote count was:
Frank Hsieh 44.66% (62,849 votes)
Su Chen-chang 33.40% (46,994 votes)
Annette Lu 6.16% (8,666 votes)
Yu Shyi-kun 15.78% (22,211 votes)

The United Daily News (聯合報) also did a poll last night to see how the Ma/Hsieh matchup looks. Their polls are always wildly inaccurate since green people tend to lie or not answer their poll, but the polls are still fun to look at.


Michael Turton said...

Can you break out the legislative stuff in a seperate post? It's really important.

That graphic from UDN is a great! Good find. I'll take that to mean that Hsieh leads Ma 56-44.

also, I'll be in TPE on Saturday night at the Taiwan Beer Bar, if you have time. I know your schedule is a bit more nocturnal than the rest of us.


阿牛 said...

I'd love to be there. I'll see if I can pull it off on Saturday night. It's pretty close to my house.

Will break off legislative stuff now.