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May 8, 2007

Some articles

A couple of interesting articles today. The first, an article titled The Blue and the Green out of the Weekly Standard. I'm no fan of the publication, but the article seems to be fairly well written.

Second, the contest for DPP nomination is officially over because the DPP amended rules to avoid the opinion poll and all three other candidates officially stepped down. So enough of the speculation that this isn't over already.

The Annie Huang AP article pointed out at The View from Taiwan: Hsieh Win: Media Round-Up isn't bad, but the headline and opening line is comical: what was surprising about the Hsieh win? He was clearly the favorite.

There seems to be a feeling that Hsieh will be a more acceptable figure to China, and it doesn't seem to just be just Western imaginination. Chinese scholars are dropping the same sort of hints in interviews, though I'm not sure what they're so pleased about. Frank Hsieh might believe the constitution is straight forward about One China, but there's not a chance in hell he'll end up towing the line Beijing would like to see.

And finally, there's an article that a former Chinese professor wrote on Democratic Socialism being the only way forward for China a couple of months ago for a Chinese periodical called 炎黄春秋. It was published there, but the Chinese media seems to be ignoring it even as it draws plenty of media attention in Hong Kong (and some in Taiwan).

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