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May 28, 2007

The Taiwan KMT

Last Friday, I was talking to a friend of mine that suggested we establish a party officially called the Taiwan Nationalist Party (台灣國民黨) to prevent the Chinese Nationalist Party (中國國民黨), or KMT, from being able to change their name. In the past the idea of renaming the KMT has been thrown around, and if they suffer another presidential election defeat they might be inclined to consider it more seriously.

My friend's idea is we should get this party name registered so the KMT would not have such an easy time changing their name if they decided to. I thought it was brilliant. And some one's beat us to it.

The Taiwan KuoMinTang became the 126th officially registered political party. They are also making the almost ridiculous claim that their name is not meant to be confused the Chinese KMT because it should be segmented differently 台灣國 --民黨, not 台灣 -- 國民黨, which roughly makes the meaning the "Nation of Taiwan's People's Party" instead of the "Taiwan National People's Party." (Just lost the link to this, but it was a China Times article.)

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