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May 10, 2007

KMT nominates in super-hot Yunlin County-1

As the map indicates, this is a highly competitive district, so each party wants the best candidate they can find. The KMT seems to have picked a good one, nominating Chia-chun "Alice" Chang (張嘉郡), the just-married daughter of former Yunlin County Commissioner Chang Jung-wei (張榮味). [source: CNA wire article]

She'll have to compete against DPP legislator Chen Hsien-chung (陳憲中). Besides once getting punched by Chen Chao-jung (陳昭容) in the Organic Laws and Statutes Committee, Hsien-chung has some good quotes:

"If only the bills sponsored by Chinese Nationalist Party [KMT] and People First Party [PFP] can be put on the agenda, then it isn't necessary to have the Procedure Committee."

"It's been 60 years [since the 228 incident]. As time goes by, it gets more difficult to investigate [who bears] responsibility. The amendment is imperative, as there will be no forgiveness without truth," DPP Legislator Chen Hsien-Chung (陳憲中) said.

This should be a tight race!

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